Dr.As Sheikh Alhaj A.Abdur Rauf Mishbahi Bahjee a dignified Presentation.

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    • The honorable Chief of the Abdul Jawad Aalim Waliyullah Trust (Incorporated by Act Parliament No 46 of 2009) which was declared in the Gazette recognized by the Parliament of Sri Lanka Government.
    • Under this Trust, Mosques, Arabic College, Arabic Library ,Qur’an Madhrasas , Welfare Associations , Holy Shrines etc. more than 15 Establishments like of this have been run by the same Trust .
    • He is in the post of All Ceylon Justice of Peace (JP) of the Sri Lankan Government .
    • The Founder of Al Jamiathur Rabbaniah Arabic College which is teaching the fundamentals of Qur’an, Hadhees, Ijmah ,Kiyaas following the Sunnath Wal Jama’ah Aqeeda (Doctrine) and Sufic Gnosis.

  • As he was successful in getting rid of the religious, political, social injustice and challenges by his untiring tolerance, patience and his forgiving attitude.
  • He was honored by the All Sri Lankan Peace Forum in 2009, the title of Doctor, Sama siri .
  • He was saved miraculously from the murder attempt of weapon holders which held in 2007.
  • For the last 40 years, In the path of Truth, with sincerity and integrity, he is well guiding a great society which implicitly obeys his kind orders.
  • He was offered sanction to remain a Sheikh of Quadhiriah, Nakshabandhiah Thareeqas by As Sheikh Abdul Qaadhir Soofy Siddeeqi Quadhri Kaahree (Rah).
  • Besides speaking out the principles of Islamic Sufism called Thasawwuf, in the basis of Thareeqath, Haqeekath, Magrifath he  also gives clarification to the laws of Shari’ah.
  • Having founded Quadhiriah Fraternity, as a Luminary, giving Bai’ah (Enlightenment) in the way of Quadhiriyyaah Thareeqah, enlightens the people, purifying their hearts and helping them to attain Allah through a true Mysticism.
  • Thousands of his Disciples are living and thriving in Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia and in other countries too.
  • In 1978, he was offered the award of the Great Orator by the Islamic Scholars of Sri Lanka and Shumsul Ulama (The Sun of Religious Scholars) by the Ulamas of India on his visit to India.
  • His spiritual discourses have been recorded more than  thousands of audio and video CDs .
  • In the field of Sufic Theosophy and Islamic religion he has written at least more than 50 books and now also he continues to write on books.
  • Having performed his duty as the principal of many more Arabic colleges, he also did his service as a Moulavi Teacher in some of the Government schools too.
  • He was born in Kattankudi town of eastern province of Sri Lanka on 05.02.1944.
  • He was  the sixth man of an (Great Islamic scholar) Alim descent. His father Alhaj Abul Irfan Abdul Jawad Great Alim (Rah) was a renowned religious mystic and a waliyullah, being a lover of Allah, performed miraculous acts.
  • He was the founder of Badhriyyah Masjid. His date and month of birth was the same of his son (Abdur Rauf Misbahi) but the year1908 and his Vishaal was on 18.09.1978.
  • Like his father Abul Irfan Abdul Jawad Alim, he  preferred to become an Alim. After learned his education from his father, Sheikh Misbahee went to Galle Bahjathul Ibrahimiyyah for his further education and then at Panadurai Al Madhrasathul Dheeniah .Later, he went to India and studied at the famous Madhrasa Misbahul Hudha in Tamil Nadu. Then, for further studies, he went to Saudi Arabia too.
  • The Arabic language, the Arabic literature, Etymology, Grammar,  Thafseer, Hadhees,  Fikh, the art of law, the arts of the Prosody, the Rhetoric, especially the Spiritual Science of Soophism or Thasawwuf in which he is having a great Mastery.
  • We are proud to say lastly that he is sacrificing his whole life for the  very sake of Islamic religion and for the welfare of the Society.


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