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Ilmul Kalam

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As Sheikh Muhyiddeen Ibnu Arabi(Ral) has said as follows,  The prohibition that not to be absorbed in mystical talking as called “Ilmul Kalaam” is only for the people who speak that knowledge  with the faculty of thinking and the knowledge of book-reading.
Because, thinking will be wrong concerning theology,but those who has been endowed with “Kasf”, or Devine intuition, will always speaks only of the reality and so there will not be anything wrong in his speech.
“Ilmul Kalaam”,” Ilmutthavheedh”,”Ilmul Wahdhathul Wujoodh” are all the words of theological terms which is concerned with Mysticism.

But then, there is a little difference between these words which is comprehensible by the people who are exploring on  theology.
مدققين، محققين، متكلمين
Mudhaqqiqeen, Muhaqqiqeen, Muthakallimeen,
Though these people, saying the same root of concept, there is something of difference in their interpretations!
The first one speak of the Islamic creed of Aqeedhah in a superficial manner. For example, the authors of “Noorul lalaam”, ” Shanoosi Baajoori”, ” Javharathuth thavheedh” etc.
The second one like the authors of “Ihyaavu Vuloomiddheen”, “Alhiqum”
The third one,the authors of “Al Futhuhathul Makkiah” “Al Inshanul Kaamil”
Of these, the most prominent and renowned people are As sheikhul Akbar Muhyiddeen ibnu Arabi, As Sheikh Abdul Kareem Al Jeeli, As Sheikh Ibnu Baarizh.
These great people and like them of high spiritual status are called Mudhaqqiqeen. The speech of these people is like the speech of Allah, no, the very speech of Allah Himself!
Because, whatsoever they write, Allah only dictating them word by word and sentence by sentence. Allah only responsible for the words and sentences but only making them to write.
When Abdullah Adh dhahabi was asked of Ash sheikh Muhyidhdheen Ibnu Arabi’s  statement in one of his well-known books  “Fusus”,notifying that only with the sanction of His Holiness Nabi (Sal) that book had been written by him, he Abu Abdullah Adh dhahabi replied to them that he did not think as As sheikh  Muhyiddeen Ibnu Arabi would tell such a lie.
It is very remarkable that Adh dhahabi and Ibnu Thaimiah had severely and excessively contradicted with Ibnu Arabi(Rah) and all other Sufis.
When a person  is in support of another person, it is no wonder if he appreciate his fellowman! But, it is astonishing us if a person praises his enemy!
Imam Adh dhahabi is one of the world famous scholars in the Art of Hadhees as a matter of fact, it is very much surprising that most of the renowned Imams, who lived in those days and  living until nowadays, converging with the theology and philosophy of Wahdhathul Wujoodh, why do these so called  Imam are attacking and opposing like Adh dhahabi with the  philosophers of Wahdhathul Wujoodh!
I think that it is only because they were and are out of Naseeb (good fortune).
One should have naseeb even to lick to eat, the elder people who live in villages would say so. That means entering into a house and eating in the dinner uninvited !
In spite of the inhibition that one should not be deeply absorbed into the mysteries of Wahdhathul Wujoodh and exploring  of that, it is only for the people who do not any knowledge of “Kasf”, “Ilhaam”, Ilmul ladhunnee” and for those who do not know the Ishthilahaath of Sufi (Terminolgy) and the secret terms of Soophistic art. If one person does not know any one of the above  three kinds of Soophistic knowledge, he should not be drowned in to the Wahdhathul Wujoodh Gnosticism.
خوض  Khauz -The word Khauz means to drown. It only signifies except  exploring over a thing, and not on the contrary to learn it.
Whoever may be, he did not say that one who does not have the characters of Vali (Allah’s companion or lover)  should not talk of the Theosophy of Vilaayath or the companionship  or love  of Allah.
If any one of the Sheikhs or Luminary that is a mystic guide or leader says so, we would like to ask him how to find out such a Spiritual Teacher?
If he answers that we can find it by one’s Karaamath (performing miracles), then, thus saying person will be a Sheikh in name only and not a real mystic or Gnana guru
Because, Karaamath or miracles is not a condition or restricted to Vilaayath !
It is absolutely wrong to decide a man or person who does not go against Shariah, having great knowledge and being excessively experienced, giving Baiath or initiation, guiding the people in the straight path but could not be performing or manifesting miracles, is not at all a Vali of Allah !
Therefore,  we can not accept the condition of performing miracles for Vilaayath !

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