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Insulting Sufis

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As Sheikhul Akbar Muhyiddeen Ibnu Arabi (Ral) says the main reason of the enemies who are all insulting Sufis is their evil feeling of jealousy upon them If this opposing opponents throw away their feeling of enmity and walk in the way of Sufis called “Ahlallah” People who are possessing or possessed  by Allah, there will be no envy and counteractions at all.
In addition, they will gain more knowledge with theirs which they have already got. Whomsoever mentioned by As Sheikhul Akbar as devastating enemies are the people who contradict with Sufis philosophies without any sense, proper reason or grounds. Such people are controverting with Sufis theosophical philosophy ever since the olden days till nowadays.Sheikhul Akbar had confirmly said that the remarkable reason of this contradiction is their feeling of jealously over the Sufi Saints.‎من الاعداء المبطلينThe devastating term will not be signifying them who does not even know the ABC. Because these people will not come forward to deny the Gnosis of the Sufis.They are educated, Ulemas,Fukahaas religious orators, Sheikhs, traditional Leaders who give khanduri, khaleephas of Dargahs,Muqaddhameens.
If we examine the reasons of Why do these bloody people feel envious upon the Sufis we will come to know that there will be only two important reasons.
One thing – For the Sufis who speak of Theosophy (Ma’arifathullah) the real respect, status, dignity etc. come from the common people  which will not be available to others.
If one Sufi saint is being invited to a house, the people of that house, pay their respect and honors as much as they can welcoming His Holiness with spreading white cloth, garlanding, spraying atther, rose -water, Singing devotional songs! On seeing this, directly or by hearing, some of the non- Sufi Sheikh and many of the ulamaas, feel an uneasy temperament against the true Sheikh.
Wherever they are staying. This is one of the reasons. This ill-feeling is unavoidable  for those  who did not have the maturity of Thasawwuf or Sufsm. But, the people who had gained the spiritual maturity will succeed over all the evil-feelings and keep them under their very control.
If two Sufis meet each other, their conversation will only be concerned  of Allah that is full of mystical and theosophical views. Their speech will be attractive for the people and making them Muhabbath, love Over the Sufis. By virtue of this, the people will like to kiss the palms and feet of the Sufis, also presenting him nice  gifts, struggling with each other so as to get His grace and blessings !Those who are  not Sufis, do not know to speak  like them.
Once, there was a Hazhrath in Kaayalpattinam-India. He was counteracting with Soophistic wisdom. One day a Sufi sage named Sufi Hussain came to that town. The people who believes him as a Mahan, singing Baiths and Arab lyrics, brought him street by street, and gave him great honour. In which Madhrasa the so and so Hazhrath was teaching ,by that way also the Sufi happen to come along  with the people. At that time, the so called Hazhrath was teaching the students and the Bai’ah songs fell in his ears,Welcome! Sufi Hussain! Oh! Man of Gold! Without you our town is mere bare and Bore! The Hazhrath could not endure these  praising words about the Mahan, and thought  to make fun of the great man, instead of Sufi Hussain, he called  him as Sufi Hussain that means sucking the fingers into the mouth. After that, he went to his house and when he saw his face in the mirror, shockingly he fell down on the floor ,having his head broken, blood was flooded. On seeing this ,his family people  cried over aloud, and a crowd gathered around him. But the Hazhrath shouted towards them  please take me immediately to Sufi Hussain. Then he was taken to the Sufi, and the Hazhrath apologized and asked excuse with the Sufi!
The Sufi had forgiven him. He also got Baiath from the Sheikh and became a Mureedheen of him! Then crowded people asked the Hazhrath, what happened to him. He answered to them  when I saw the mirror to see my face, I had not really seen my face on the mirror but the countenance (face) of the Holy Mahan Sufi Hussain, himself.Thus saying, he shed tears in his eyes!

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