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It is our obligation to believe that Allah is closer to us and other creations with His essence (Dhāt)

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As Sheikh Ibrahim Mawāhībī Ash Shādhuli said, “Allah is closer to us with His essence(Dhāt) and His attributes (Sifat)”

The Quran verse that says, “Allah is with us” is the proof for this. As it is well known that the noun ‘Allah’ is the name of his essence(Dhāt), we must believe that Allah is closer to the creations with His essence. As this reality has been proven by the principles of practices and strategies, we should believe this based on knowledge as well as experience”.

Allāmā Qazwīnī says in the explanation of the book called ‘Aqāyid An-nasafi’ that “the theory of Mu’tazilas and many from Bukāra which says that Allah is everywhere with His knowledge, power and authority, is a worthless speech”.

Sheikhul Islam ibn Affan explains to the speech of Allah that says, “we are very close to the patient than you are, but you are not seeing” as follows.

This verse has the proof to the saying that Allah is realistically close to His servant. As He has no place, He is just as close to it. If Allah is close to His servant with His knowledge, power and authority (and not with His essence), He would have said that you are not knowing, rather he said you are not seeing, so it is obvious that the closeness is as close as the view of the eyesight.

The veil should be removed by Allah to get this vision. We all know very well that we can only see things which are viewable by our eyesight and we cannot see the concepts related attributes.

Sheikhul Islam ibn Affan also added that another verse that says, “we are closer to him than (his) jugular vein”, is explaining the same as above. There is obvious difference between attributes (Sifat) being closer and jugular vein being closer. Attributes(Sifat) being closer is related to the meaning or concept. Jugular vein being closer is related to the sense. As it is said that Allah is closer than the jugular vein of his servant, He is closer with His essence (Dhāt).

Source: Al Yawāqit wal JawāhirPart 01, Page – 60,61
Author: Abd al-Wahhab as-Sha’rani

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