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Where is Allah?

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This Series of Article is translated from the book “Where is Allah?” which was written by As Sheikh A.Abdur Rauf Misbaahee.


There are four sects of muslims to answer the above question.

  • The first sect emphasizes that Allah is on the Arsh.
  • The Second sect says that Allah is in both Straw and Pillar
  • Another sect enunciates that Allah is everywhere (Omnipresent)
  • The Last one says that they do not have think where Allah is and it’s not necessary to know about it.

Among the above four sects the first ones are called “Wahhabis” swered ones. The Second ones are also called the swerved ones since they follow the Hulool & Ethihad theory.
The third ones are called Muwahhideens (Followers of Sunna’h wal Jama’ah doctrine) since they are in right path knowing the almighty through proper way.
The forth sects are known as wretches since they don’t want to know the name of their dad and their embryo.

Among them, every sect says the Qur’anic verses, saying of Holy prophet and the statements of Imamas. Because of this, commonalty is unable to choose the right path. Clashes and quarrels quite often take place between and among them due to the debate occur at times.
Hence, I am writing here on the topic “Where is Allah?” on the basis of Holy Qur’an, Sayings of Holy prophet, statements of Imams and what I learnt from the renowned hierarchies of Sri Lanka, India, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Saudi Arabia.
Any Scholars or public who happen to see this book, if they found any mistakes are requested to indicate to me with proper proofs.

First, let’s see the statement of Wahhabis who say that the Allah is in Arsh. In order to prove their statement singsong verse of Qur’an they show is (Ar Rahman Alal Arsithawa). They don’t have any other verses but this one itself.










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