Wahdhathul wujood

Wahdhathul Wujoodh, the true interpretation

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All the creatures have been created by Allah, Himself. He created them from Himself only. So to say He revealed Himself as the creatures. He is the very nucleus and origin or real source of all of them.
So, There should be an Matter of origin or raw-material whether Allah or a man has to create a thing. It is very essential. Because, Adham- “nothingness” can not create a thing. So, the origin of the creature is the Wujoodh (Essence).That Wujoodh itself is nothing but the Wujoodh of Allah. This Wujoodh is called “Wujoodhe haqeeqi”. This is the Wujoodh in reality. Because, the creature has not its own Wujoodh in reality. But then, it is called as “Wujoodhe Ilaafi”. In the sense of joining a thing together with another and seeing.
As the Wujoodh of Allah is nucleus and source of all the creatures, by the theory of a thing can’t be separated from its raw- material, the creature will never be removed from the Wujoodh of Allah. So also, the creature will not differ from Allah’s Wujoodh, as if a thing will not seperate from its raw-material , but simultaneously retaining its Originality or self.
For example, suppose if the raw-material of a ring is gold, then the ring should have come out of gold.
So, the gold is the Wujoodh of that ring. This is wujoodhe haqeeqi. Wujoodh in reality. Without gold, the ring is not having its own being or Wujoodh in the real sense.
Appearing so that as if it is in existence ,called wujoodhe ilaafi, that is seeing gold and ring joing together with. It is false or untrue wujoodh or being.
If a person says that a ring has its own real being, will he show that a ring is in its real existence?
May be he will show the form or shape of the ring. It is not acceptable! Because it is the very form of the gold itself. That form only is named as ring . As a matter of fact, the ring is not different or departed from the gold. Only like this, Allah and creatures.
If we take as example, gold for Allah and the ring for the creatures and explore about it, the truth will be understood.
The relations between Allah and his creatures is like that of the relations between gold and the ring, but not of the relations in between with the ring and the goldsmith.
The connection between gold and the ring is permanent and eternal. But, at the same time, the concern in between gold and the goldsmith is not permanent. After making the ring, he will be disconnected from the ring too. So, it is indispensable to understand that the relations between Allah and his creature is like that of gold and the ring.
We should not misunderstand that Allah has created or manifested the creatures from Himself is like that of a box revealed its things within itself. This denotes two things or Dualism which is not in Soophistic Islam.
Dualism (Dvaita) is not Islam. The Oneness (Advaita) is real Islam .

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