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It is our obligation to believe that Allah is closer to us and other creations with His essence (Dhāt)

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As Sheikh Ibrahim Mawāhībī Ash Shādhuli said, “Allah is closer to us with His essence(Dhāt) and His attributes (Sifat)”

The Quran verse that says, “Allah is with us” is the proof for this. As it is well known that the noun ‘Allah’ is the name of his essence(Dhāt), we must believe that Allah is closer to the creations with His essence. As this reality has been proven by the principles of practices and strategies, we should believe this based on knowledge as well as experience”.
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Holy Prophet’s Super natural experience of Annihilation

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Abu Qathadah Raliallahu anhu says in the extensive Hadhees of Huzoor Sallallahu Alaihi wasallam, which is included much of miracles as follows:
يقول الامام النّووي رحمه الله : روينا في صحيحي البخاري ومسلم ، عن ابي قتادة رضي الله عنه في حديثه الطّويل العظيم المشتمل على معجزات متعدّدات لرسول الله صلّى الله عليه وسلّم قال : فبينا رسول الله صلّى الله عليه وسلّم يسير حتّى ابهارَّ اللّيلُ وأنا إلى جنبه، فَنَعَسَ رسول الله صلّى الله عليه وسلّم فمال عن راحلته، فأتيتُه فدَعَّمتُه من غير أن أوقظه حتّى اعتدل على راحلته، ثمّ سار حتّى تهوَّر اللّيلُ مال عن راحلته، فدعَّمتُه من غير ان أوقظه حتّى اعتدل على راحلته،ثمّ سار حتّى إذا كان آخر السّحر مال ميلة هي أشدّ من المَيْلَتَيْنِ الأولتين حتّى كاد ينفجل، فأتيته فدعَّمتُه، فرفع رأسه فقال : من هذا ؟ قلت أبو قتادة، قال ‘متى كان هذا مسيرك منّي؟ قلت ما زال هذا مسيري منذ الليلة، قال حفظك الله بما حفظت به نبيّه ‘
(اِبْهَارَّ بوصل الهمزة وإسكان الباء الموحّدة وتشديد الرّاء ومعناه إنتصف، وقوله تهوَّرَ أي ذهب معظمه، وانفجل بالجيم: سقط، ودعّمتُه أسندته )

Once Nabi Sallallahu Alaihi wasallam was on a travel I was also accompanied with Him. The journey continued till midnight.
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Miracles of Vilaayath!

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When Abdullah Ad Dhahabi was asked of As Sheikh Muhyidhdheen Ibnu Arabi’s  statement in one of his well-known books  “Fusus”, notifying that only with the sanction of His Holiness Nabi (ﷺ) that book had been written by him, he Abu Abdillah Ad dhahabi replied to them that he did not think as As Sheikh  Muhyidhdheen Ibnu Arabi would tell such a lie.

It is very remarkable that Ad Dhahabi and Ibnu Taymiyyah had severely and excessively contradicted with Ibnu Arabi (Rah) and all other Sufis.
When a person is in support of another person, it is no wonder if he appreciate his fellowman! But, it is astonishing us if a person praises his enemy! Imam Ad Dhahabi is one of the world famous scholars in the Art of Hadhith. As a matter of fact, it is very much surprising that most of the renowned Imams ,who lived in those days and  living until nowadays, converging with the theology and philosophy of Wahdhathul Wujood, why do these so called  Imam are attacking and opposing like Ad Dhahabi with the  philosophers of Wahdhathul Wujoodh! Continue Reading